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Lau Gar Hung Kuen

From the disciple Wayne Husbands under Master Mark Houghton of the Lau Gar Hung Kuen Kung Fu


Traditional applications of all forms broken down to use in todays modern society.

The Lau Family Hung Kuen forms are rich in technique for both combat and for developing strength, power and health. Each form has specific applications to deal with any form of attack whether it is empty handed or with weapon. The Lau Gar Hung Kuen is a powerful style that destroys all oncoming attacks using the 12 bridges to redirect or to strike an attacker.

Fast, powerful, direct applications that have been proved effective in combat since the time of the founder of the Hung Gar style. Time tested from use in the military over the last few centuries, nobody can dispute the effectiveness of Lau Gar Hung Kuen.  




Lau Gar Hung Kuen concentrates not on the quantity of techniques, but variability, flexibility and universal usage of the techniques, combat tactic and strategy. Apart from the “technical” aspect , training of Lau Family concentrates on “skill” aspect” – power, speed, timing, spacing, feeling etc. However, the combat aspect of Lau Family Lau Kuen is not over-emphasized at the expense of other aspects such as health and personal development. Specific strengthening methods, stretching, relaxation and breathing exercises of Lau Family Lau Kuen are consistent with the concepts of traditional Chinese and modern western medicine.


We teach authentic Lau Family Hung Kuen that is steep in over 200 years of chinese history  

With its rigorous hand and body conditioning, empty hand forms, two person drills, traditional weapons fighting and self defence techniques.
You can see why the Lau Family has has a proven track record learning and teaching the style handed down by the great late Lau kar Leung from the linage holder Master Mark Houghton  

Whitley wood community centre
Swallowfield Drive

Mondays 7.30- 9.30

Call Sifu Wayne Husbands
on 07504 43 23 28


As with all traditional martial arts, weapons are part of the learning process Lau gar Hung Kuen is no exception we teach all these weapons to carry on with tradition of our style under the Banner of the Lau Kar Ban (Lau Family Group)

With each weapon you must show compatance in handerling the weapon and understanding its true combative martal use.

Pole | Double Broadsword | Umbrella | Double Daggers | 3 section staff | Spear 3 section whip | Farmers Hoe  |  9 section whip | Kwan Dao Bench | Tiger Fork | Fan | Gim Straight Sword | Butterfly Knives | Snake Spear | Broadsword



Lau Gar Hung Kuen puts a firm emphasis on developing a good foundation. The typical features of  Lau Gar Hung Kuen are stable stances and agile footwork, using the waist correctly, proper breathing methods and usage of concentrated explosive power.

Are our core fist forms are:

 Fu Hok  Seong Ying | Gung Gee Fook Fu Kuen | 5 Animals | 5 Elements | Tit Sin Kuen | Monkey Boxing | Drunken Fist

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